With Acquire™ your scientific supply sourcing is seamless, effective, and efficient.

Acquire™ provides Scigilian customers with a unified system to manage their scientific supply sourcing from searching for items to receiving shipments to delivery to scientists’ labs.

Simple and efficient

Acquire™ is a web-based laboratory supplies requesting and tracking system used by scientists to search for lab supplies and request item delivery or product purchasing. It offers users a familiar online-shopping experience for all of their supply ordering needs and provides advanced features for managing inventory, processing requests, ordering and receiving products, and report generation.

Effective science-aware searching

Scientists search for chemicals using state of the art substructure and similarity searching and for biologicals using a complete set of domain-specific search capabilities like BLAST and FASTA. Searches using text strings and numbers are also supported.

Search across the whole organization

Acquire™ automatically maintains an inventory of all in-house tracked items and makes available this inventory for searching, allowing users to retrieve tracked items from nearby laboratories instead of ordering them from vendors, saving both time and money.

Effective inventory management

Managed supply centers, a core Acquire™ capability, enable a reduction in overall site inventory by reducing scientists’ need to overstock laboratories. Scientists no longer have to manage laboratory inventories of frequently used items, they can instead retrieve these items from the nearest managed supply center as they need them, yielding increased scientific productivity and minimizing inventory carrying costs.

Much of the materials management process is automated using Acquire™. Business rules defining automatic reorder points and optimal stock levels minimize inventory carrying costs and ensure that popular items are always stocked.

Cost-effective ordering

A major component of the cost of any order with a vendor is that associated with shipping and handling. The Acquire™ ability to automatically consolidate multiple orders to a vendor into one large order, while still tracking individual requests, is a major source of cost savings; fewer, larger, orders not only lower total shipping and handling costs but also in-house handling costs.

Cloud Solutions

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Streamline compound management with Store™

Make internal and external compounds and assays accessible to all project teams with Request

Visualize™ enables securely sharing compound and biological assay results.

Consulting Services

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Custom Solutions

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