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Reduce cycle-time
Accelerate discovery
Improve overall effectiveness

Is your lab struggling to reduce cycle times, accelerate discovery,
and improve overall effectiveness? We can help.

Scigilian centralizes your information in one place, allowing you to streamline lab operations, boost efficiency, avoid data loss, and share knowledge in real-time, so you can quickly innovate and advance your discovery efforts. Our Laboratory Information Management System equips you with powerful features to effectively manage complex processes and apply industry best-practices. We offer a complete, comprehensive solution for lab, data, and process management. Quickly build workflows that map to actual lab processes. Automate decisions and actions, and decrease the need for user intervention.

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Scigilian digitizes drug discovery R&D processes, streamlining the entire workflow to decrease cycle times, increase throughput, enhance data quality, and give clear visibility across your entire lab.

Powerful time-saving solutions for your lab

Scigilian is everything you need to efficiently enable data-driven decisions and streamline the knowledge flow between your research teams.

  • Analyze
  • Request
  • Visualize
  • Store
  • APR

Are you satisfied with the consistency and quality of your bioassay results?

Quickly analyze results with greater accuracy and consistency. Ensure results are comparable week-to-week and between assays.

  • Quickly bring new assays online
  • Expedite decision-making based on accurate, reproducible, and robust data
  • No extensive IT programming or Excel formulas
  • Eliminate manual steps to avoid delays and errors
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Are you struggling to coordinate the assay logistics between internal and/or external labs?

Don’t allow inefficient or missed requests, submission errors or incomplete information to delay experiments or waste precious samples.

  • Get detailed, real-time access to current request status
  • Avoid missed deadlines or costly delays
  • Orchestrate work manually or automatically
  • Minimize cycle-time for fast decision-making
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Are you struggling to consolidate, aggregate, and compare your assay results?

Make informed drug discovery decisions with consolidated biological assay results for a given compound, set of compounds, or those having a common substructure.

  • Accelerate your research cycle
  • Automate result consolidation from different sources
  • Avoid false positives or false negatives
  • Easily share results within teams or with partners
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Are you losing time and money in manually tracking your inventory?

Track inventory seamlessly without the hassle of maintaining spreadsheets or manually mapping barcodes to sample information.

  • Manage complex ordering of compounds
  • Boost availability, quality, and productivity
  • Easily identify container contents for quick testing
  • Avoid overflow, handle dead volumes, and deal with intermediates
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Where can I store my assays and protocols?

The Assay & Protocol Registry (APR) serves as a centralized repository for assays and protocols, enabling organizations to validate, version, and access their assays, targets, and SOPs seamlessly. It offers valuable support to life science organizations grappling with the following challenges:

  • Facing difficulties in finding their latest SOPs (standard operating procedures), assays, and target information because these are scattered across various personal and departmental folders
  • Having assays that lack structure and where there is limited adoption of standardized dictionaries, ontologies, and formats
  • Lacking intergroup or interdepartmental visibility for assays and SOPs resulting in duplicated efforts and assays
  • Dealing with challenges in streamlining the identification of similar past activities through an assay’s adoption and program history
  • Lacking formal assay registration processes (reviewing, approving, versioning, etc.) leading to suboptimal procedures that raise data stewardship concerns
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Why Choose Scigilian

With increasing data volumes and sample throughput together with frequent changes in technology,
Scigilian helps labs streamline their approach to managing, tracking, and centralizing drug discovery data.

Cloud-Hosted Solution
Designed to fit all kinds of research environments, our Laboratory Information Management System is completely web and cloud-enabled, so you can run it from anywhere.
Reliability & Efficiency
Produce reliable results more quickly and track data from assays through time and across experiments to boost efficiency.
Automation for Accuracy
Scigilian enables workflow automation that reduces human error. It centralizes access and storage of quality control data to ensure accuracy.
Seamless Data Flow
Get all the tools you need to securely streamline the flow of information between teams of researchers – whether they be internal or external partners, service providers, or CROs.
Complete Solution
Track samples, and optimize processes and workflows. Our software works well with mission-critical in-lab tools and systems to improve lab efficiency.
Purpose-built to manage R&D lab data and workflows, Scigilian has the flexibility to evolve with new tech developments including new instruments, methods, data types, and tools.
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Automate your lab workflows and execute more efficiently

With Scigilian, you can easily adapt to new methods and process changes, see a complete overview of samples that are queued and their status, and so much more!

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