ANALYZE – Assay Data Analysis Software

Reduce raw biological assay observations into comparable endpoints using your organization’s best-practice rules and calculations with built-in quality control and monitoring.

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Who is it for

Analyze is a flexible assay data analysis software that simplifies life for scientific research organizations responsible for producing robust and reproducible assay results. This tool is for you if:


  • You consume a lot of time and resources manually analyzing assay results.
  • You are concerned errors are introduced by copying and pasting data.
  • You don’t know if systematic errors exist in the assay results.
  • Your assay results deviate from those when the assay was initially designed because of human intervention.
  • Your team has to invest time and effort for every data file generated whenever the assay is run.


How Does Analyze Solve All These Challenges?

Analyze automates the process of analyzing assay results, so you can free your team of the hassle of managing unwieldy spreadsheets and bespoke scripts. As a result, you can quickly analyze results for new assays and expedite your decision-making process.

Use Cases of Our Assay Data Analysis Software

Is manual transposition of data affecting the quality and credibility of your assay results? Analyze can help you via:
Automation & Accuracy
No need to invest in IT programming to parse observation files, or manually copy & paste data. Everything is automated to ensure accuracy.
Quality Control & Monitoring
Custom rules control and guarantee consistent, reproducible analyses among any number of investigators.

Consistent Assay Analysis

Often assay results can’t be compared because they’re derived differently and require re-analyzing. Analyze ensures all analyses are performed using the latest version of the template, and provides point & click robust MSR-based result monitoring.

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Single Source of Truth

Access the same data sets simultaneously, reducing the time it takes to prepare and analyze results. Analyze propagates changes across all user sessions to prevent problems with conflicting versions of analyzed data.

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Collaborate with Partners and CROs

Grant partners and CROs limited access to upload raw assay results, and analyze these using your approved methods. Verify the repeatability of the assay using built-in Replicate Experiment Analysis.

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Why Analyze?

Analyze offers a plethora of benefits for life sciences organizations, including:

Automated Analysis
Avoid the possibility of data entry errors and delays by automating the assay analysis process.
Incorporate customized analyses via custom-defined calculation templates and analysis protocols to get the flexibility you need to process your data as you require.
As a cloud-based assay data analysis system, Analyze can be seamlessly accessed by any number of collaborators at any number of internal or external sites.
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