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Scigilian Joins the Tetra Partner Network to Accelerate Drug Discovery Workflows in Discovery and Early Development

February 17, 2023

BOSTON, Mass., Feb. 16, 2023 — /PRNewswire/ – TetraScience, the Scientific Data Cloud company, announced today that Scigilian, provider of a modern, cloud-based Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), has joined the Tetra Partner Network to enable biopharmaceutical customers to accelerate scientific workflows and outcomes in drug discovery and early development through the Tetra Scientific Data Cloud™.

“The Scigilian platform is purpose-built to optimize and manage the complex processes of drug discovery workflows, decreasing cycle times and increasing throughput,” said Simon Meffan-Main, Ph.D., VP, Tetra Partner Network. “Combining their informatics solution with Tetra Data will enable joint customers to quickly create new workflows, accelerate scientific outcomes, and maximize the value of their scientific data across distributed lab environments.”

Scigilian’s solution is designed to optimize lab operations by orchestrating and streamlining drug discovery workflows – both internal and external with partners such as Contract Research Organizations (CROs). Customers benefit from being able to share and manage sample inventory, perform sample logistics, schedule assays, and analyze and view results, which creates efficiency, eliminates waste, and ensures reproducibility.

TetraScience is on a mission to revolutionize scientific discovery and outcomes through its Scientific Data Cloud. At its core lies the Tetra Data Platform (TDP), which makes scientific data easily searchable, fluid, and actionable, and the Tetra Partner Network (TPN) – an exclusive group of top-tier vendors working collaboratively to radically improve how scientific data is collected, analyzed, and shared. Through the powerful combination of TDP and TPN, TetraScience is pushing boundaries that accelerate discoveries, ultimately enhancing and prolonging human life.

“We share TetraScience’s mission to transform scientific outcomes through the unrestricted movement of scientific data,” said Jean Marois, President, CEO and Co-founder of Scigilian. “Scigilian is proud to join the Tetra Partner Network so that we can work collaboratively to help our joint customers achieve step-change improvements in their drug discovery workflows.”

“The Tetra Scientific Data Cloud is a one-of-a-kind, purpose-built industry scientific data cloud, optimized to accelerate and improve scientific outcomes. We’re collaborating closely with the world’s most innovative biopharma companies, scientific vendors, and leading technology companies to fundamentally transform innovation” said Patrick Grady, TetraScience Chairman and CEO. “By joining the Tetra Partner Network, Scigilian helps the life sciences industry accelerate outcomes that can help improve lives.”

About TetraScience
TetraScience is the Scientific Data Cloud company with a mission to accelerate scientific discovery and improve and extend human life. The Tetra Scientific Data Cloud™ is the only open, cloud-native platform purpose-built for science that connects lab instruments, informatics software, and data apps across the biopharma value chain and delivers the foundation of harmonized, actionable scientific data necessary to transform raw data into accelerated and improved scientific outcomes. Through the Tetra Partner Network, market-leading vendors access the power of our cloud to help customers maximize the value of their data. For more information, please visit

About Scigilian

Scigilian is a leading life science solutions provider specializing in solutions that address the collaboration challenges of a distributed lab research environment. We enable life science organizations to accelerate their discovery efforts and optimize their lab operations by providing solutions that orchestrate and streamline their internal and external workflows. From managing sample inventory to performing sample logistics, scheduling assays to analyzing and viewing results, our Scigilian Discovery Platform’s powerful cloud-native life science solutions are carefully designed to meet the software technology needs of pharmaceutical, biotech, and scientific research organizations of today and tomorrow.

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