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Seamlessly support your whole sample management process, from sample receptions through inventory picking, assay-ready plate creation and dispatch.

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Who is it for

Store is for sample management teams concerned with overconsumption of samples, sample mishandling, unclear status, and who are spending too much time collecting information leading to increased cycle times, missed opportunities, and increased costs. Store is the right sample management software for you if you have ever:


  • Unnecessarily resent samples.
  • Unintentionally sent too much, too little, the wrong form or concentration.
  • Accidently picked the wrong tube.
  • Wasted time searching for the status or details of a sample request in emails, spreadsheets or other documents.
  • Wasted time trying to collect information on “What’s been tested, when and where?”, “Who has what and how much?”, “How much is needed and where to send it?” or “What’s in these containers?”


How Does Store Solve All These Challenges?

Store is an end-to-end support system for managing your sample inventory. From sample reception, to request processing and tracking, inventory picking, and dispatching delivery containers and assay-ready plates formatted to the requester’s needs while respecting the constraints and capabilities set by the sample management team. It handles all aspects of your sample inventory process and ensures your ability to provide an efficient and effective service to your colleagues.

Use Cases of Our Sample Management Software

Is your current sample management solution leading to increased cycle times, waste, or increased costs? Store can solve these issues with its powerful features such as:
Request Custom Plates
Go beyond delivering individual samples. Allow your clients to request samples titrated in user-defined layouts with per sample initial concentrations and dilution factors.
Accurately Track Inventory
Don’t let inaccurate inventory amounts delay research. Store automatically updates the amount in the source container based on how much should have been dispensed, or how much was actually dispensed.
Intelligent Sourcing
Minimize waste and contamination using intelligent sourcing which enable selecting the most appropriate containers based on your sample management strategy – the closest concentration, freshest or oldest, least or most touched, least or most amount.
Automated Sample Stores
No need to map sample identifiers to barcodes, nor feed generated “pick list” data files to your storage unit. Let Store automatically order the proper containers from your automated storage system.
Automated Plate Creation
Generate liquid handler “worklist” files or directly integrate with automation platforms, like HighRes® Cellario™, to fully automating assay-ready plate creation. Avoid tedious pipetting, and costly and error-prone integrations.
Accessible Inventory
Remove bottlenecks and enable next-gen capabilities using Store’s secure API. Incorporate inventory into machine learning analysis. Integrate assay analysis system with inventory.

Eliminate wasted time searching for information

If it feels like you’re spending as much or more time being a sleuth trying to piece together data from multiple sources as you do keeping up with sample requests, then you need Store’s detailed tracking capabilities, which consolidates and makes the information readily accessible, freeing you to focus on the critical tasks..

Are my samples ready?

Do you spend a lot of time responding to emails and calls regarding the state of a user’s request? With Store, the user is given a tracking id or ticket, which they can use to check on the status of their request. Store tracks each change to a request and the individual samples in the request, and can notify the user of these changes, so you do not have to.

Do we have this sample?

Store has advanced inventory search capabilities available to the sample management team and requesters, while still controlling who has access to each collection in the inventory.

What’s in these plates?

Whether it’s an inventory container or a delivery container dispatched long ago, simply scan the barcode to get a detailed description of the contents.

I think this sample is contaminated. Can we track it back to its source?

Scanning the barcode of a container not only provides a complete description of the samples in the container but also provides access to the entire lineage, or ancestry of the source of each well.

Which samples went into this mixture?

When a tube or plate well contains a mixture or compressed pool of samples, the individual sample identifiers, concentration and volumes used to produce the mixture are available in addition to the lineage of each sample.

What do we need to work on next?

Store’s queues and scheduling capabilities make managing requests easy, preventing assay delays due to requests falling through the cracks.

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Why Store?

Here’s what makes Store a comprehensive sample management software for the entire lifecycle of your lab samples.

Efficiently Process Complex Request
Store enables your scientists to directly request individual powder samples, aliquots or complex assay-ready titration plates with or without controls, standards and reference compounds. Store informs the requester whether the request can be fulfilled and keeps them notified of changes, while stepping the sample management team through any manual steps and keeping them abreast of the tasks occuring on your automation platforms.
Fully Capitalize on your Automation Investment
Let Store directly communicate with your automated storage units, liquid handlers and automation platforms, or have Store export and import data files – you decide how tightly coupled you want your integration to be.
Flexible Without Being Complicated
Modify container types, plate layouts, input and output file formats, locations and other configurable settings via the user interface; you don’t need IT integration specialists or programmers to make Store fit your process.
Protect & Care for Samples
Automatically track all handling and changes to samples, from reception to solubilization to dispatch. Use Store’s intelligent sourcing strategies to control how and which samples are depleted. Use Store’s reporting features to remove old, expired, or frequently used samples, locate samples with low volumes or the source of contamination.
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