APR – Assay Protocol Registry Software

A centralized assay and protocol registry that enables better stewardship of your data, protocols, and processes

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Who is it for

The Assay & Protocol Registry (APR) serves as a centralized repository for assays and protocols, enabling organizations to validate, version, and access their assays, targets, and SOPs seamlessly. It offers valuable support to life science organizations grappling with the following challenges:

  • Facing difficulties in finding their latest SOPs (standard operating procedures), assays, and target information because these are scattered across various personal and departmental folders
  • Having assays that lack structure and where there is limited adoption of standardized dictionaries, ontologies, and formats
  • Lacking intergroup or interdepartmental visibility for assays and SOPs resulting in duplicated efforts and assays
  • Dealing with challenges in streamlining the identification of similar past activities through an assay’s adoption and program history
  • Lacking formal assay registration processes (reviewing, approving, versioning, etc.) leading to suboptimal procedures that raise data stewardship concerns

How Does APR Solve All These Challenges?

“Assay & Protocol Registry (APR) empowers your organization to centralize and efficiently manage projects, assays, and standard operating procedure (SOP) registries. With APR, users can seamlessly:

  • Create, review, approve, and share SOPs with colleagues, external collaborators, or Contract Research Organizations (CROs).
  • Categorize assays and data analysis using BioAssay Ontologies and access related assays by their properties, targets, and projects.
  • Locate protocols and prevent duplication through multi-parameter search functionality.
  • Standardize your organization’s ontologies and dictionaries to structure assays and data.
  • Enhance data stewardship across assay development, registration, and execution.
  • Easily track the relationships between entities and methods.”

Use Cases of Our Assay Protocol Registry Software

Centralize assay development and protocol information
Create, approve, edit, and version control assay protocols from an intuitive web based user interface
Share protocols among groups, teams, and departments
Harmonize ontologies and dictionaries to structure assays and data
Promote better stewardship of data across assay development, registration, and execution
Effortlessly track the relationship of entities and methods


Seamlessly locate protocols and avoid duplication using multi-parameter search

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Capture assay specific information (categories, target, project, etc.)

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Automate your lab workflows and execute more efficiently

With Scigilian, you can easily adapt to new methods and process changes, see a complete overview of samples that are queued and their status, and so much more!

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